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A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil...

...but it needs a little mulch of letters every so often.

Pals on Paper
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Welcome to Pals on Paper! This community is for LiveJournalers who want to make new friends while reviving the art of letter-writing.

1. Post a mini-bio about yourself so that other members can get to know you better.
2. Find people with similar interests, and exchange mailing addresses. DO NOT give out your mailing address unless you feel comfortable in doing so.
3. Let the letter-writing begin!
4. Post any original ideas you might have, or really awesome mail that you've received.

Trading addresses: We suggest that you exchange addresses with other members in e-mails, as opposed to simply posting them in the community.
Harassment: If a member does not want to give you their address, do not harass them. If you do so, you will be banished from the community. That's right...banished.
Pictures: If you wish to post a picture of yourself, please use the LJ-Cut tags. <*lj-cut>Picture<*/lj-cut> (But without the *'s)

Make sure to check the memories to find members who posted in the past!

Moderators: pixie8464 and silverseagirl